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Privacy Policy

We understand that your personal information needs to stay private. That’s why Faith eCommerce Services has a strong privacy policy which aims at keeping the information that you share between you and us. When you use our website, you agree to disclose your personal information to us and are bound by the privacy policy laid down by the company. We suggest that you read the privacy policy thoroughly before using the website. 

Faith eCommerce Services does not share your personal or business information with anyone, for any reason other than those mentioned below. 

Should you choose to make an account on Faith eCommerce Services, you will be asked to share your personal and contact details like name, age, mobile number, email etc. If you do not wish to share this information with us, you can browse the website without making an account. Your account details are kept secret and are used to give you a better shopping experience with us. We save your personal details and preferred payments methods to make ordering easy and quick for you. 

We send notification emails to your registered email address. These include, but are not limited to notifications about new product launches, or special offers on products that you might like. Should you choose to not receive these emails, you can easily unsubscribe to them.

Your personal data might be sent to the company to analyze and review our website and its services, to make it better for you.

We don’t save your payment information like card numbers and net banking account details. We don’t save your passwords, and will never authorize a transaction without your approval. 

We keep track of your browsing and search activities on Faith eCommerce Services. Whether you create an account or use the website as a guest user, these activity reports are saved with us. We use this data to customize the website according to your preferences and show you the products that you might like.


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