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14 Golden Rules For Success in Life

14 Golden Rules For Success in Life

1.    Constant Improvement

Try to plan such a scheme which will benefit you in the long run. It would be better if you don't give solutions that are for short term period term solutions. If you really want to improve, then stop doing the same things in a better manner instead of it try something better to work on.
2.    New Philosophy

Treat all the sections or say departments equally, and development should be planned on the organizational basis. Always try to work according to customer’s requirements rather than thinking about beating your competitors and start designing products to beat their products in the market. It is a saying that there is always scope for improvement so prepare yourself for changes. Only planning is not sufficient and will not be useful unless you implement it.
3.    Stop Depending On Inspections 

Inspections will not help you to grow. Also, its unreliable and costly. Inspections are merely conducted for finding the sections where you are lacking in quality. Working is not everything working with quality is what that will help you in your success. Try to make use of statistical control method.
4.    Improve Constantly And Forever

Regular changes and improvements in the systems and various processes being carried out in the organization are necessary. Arrange training and seminars in your organization on regular basis, to share effective techniques with team members to produce better output. 
Use models to make everyone understand how productivity can be improved in an effective and safe manner.
5.    Use Training On The Job

Train your workers to keep on trying new things for improvement and be consistent. Have words with your workers on a regular basis to let them know where they should stand according to given targets and what all steps can they take to achieve the set target. 
6.    Implement Leadership

Whatever the processes are being used by your employees, it would be good if train your managers and supervisors to appreciate their employees and their work. The work of the supervisors should not be only to command but it should be to provide proper resources and support if needed. They should try to find out what all are required to  get the work done on time in an efficient manner. They should posses’ leadership qualities along with being supportive.
7.    Eliminate Fear 

Always make sure that your employees do not work under pressure or fear because they can give their best if they work without any fear. Provide them such an atmosphere where they do not fear of expressing themselves and new ideas. Value your workers and make them feel like they are an important part of your organization and try to encourage them to work with more dedication. Always communicate with your employees and have an honest and open communication with them.
8.    Break Down Barriers Between Departments

Avoid compromises and try to focus on concepts like consensus and collaboration. In order to reduce adversarial relationships and to build up a proper understanding cross functional teamwork can be used and also try to build up a shared vision.
9.    Get Rid Of Unclear Slogans

Try to make sure that people exactly know what you want in actual. It would be good if you tell them clearly rather than making them keep on guessing. It would be certainly not advisable to allow phrases and words to overcome your work. Instead of that summarize all your needs and talk to people face to face if you believe in doing good work.
10.    Eliminate Management By Objectives

 Not always count the numerical targets, also look at the procedure by which the process is done. To raise the production level and achieve high quality proper resources and support should be provided.

11.  Use A Single Supplier For Any One Item 

If you would be consistent then only you can expect quality, because the amount of variation you would make with your input  definitely that will impact the output in same amount. Quality also depends upon your suppliers so treat them like your partners when it comes to quality. Always analyze the total cost rather than just calculating initial cost of the product which you are spending on it. Make sure that the product meets the quality standards. 
12.    Remove Barriers To Pride Of Workmanship

Let your employees do their work and make sure you do not compare your employees with each other this can discourage them somehow. And also treat workers in such a way which make them realize that there is no need to compete with fellow colleagues.
13.    Implement Education And Self-Improvement 

If you want your organization to grow then for that you should look out for the improvement of current skills of your employees. Always encourage your employees for learning new things by letting them know the benefits of those skills. You should have such an environment in your enterprise which should be flexible to changes.
14.    Make "Transformation" Everyone's Job

Improvement can be achieved only when each and every person in your organization is improving. Always analyze your steps before implementing them whether they would fit in the picture what you are having in your mind. Specific management principles should be used for implementing any new ideas or philosophy in the organization.